From start to finish, your project will be managed through all the phases of construction with KRC’s exceptional care and attention to detail. Because all of our projects are custom, what the phases include will be specific to individual projects. Some of the basics:

Do you have land? If so, continue to the Design section. If you don’t, we can help you with your selection. By evaluating your potential building site and other conditions, we’ll make sure that you’re aware of factors affecting the ease or difficulty of construction that may not be readily apparent.

We approach each project as if it were our own with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and enduring value. Our understanding of local terrain, the four-season climate and building codes allows us to guide you through land planning, materials selection and other key decisions to maximize your investment.

We will help you understand all the issues, including regulatory and site-specific concerns, that will affect your project.

These projects require as much forethought and planning as new construction. Concerns and questions will be project-specific. Needs and wants must make sense in relation to design and budget.
• Do your changes affect structural integrity?
• Can you do other changes at the same time to save money?
• How is scheduling managed?

We love questions!

KRC will answer all your concerns and help you identify the ones you didn’t think of. We believe that a thorough and expert process will provide the best chance of a great outcome!

All projects need to be based on a clear vision. Do you have plans? Do you have a floor layout in mind? Our team includes a talented designer and engineer to ensure the successful outcome of your one-of-a-kind project. Some questions you should consider:
• Does your lot or site have Covenants, Conditions and Requirements (CCR’s) or other obligations?
• Do you want to get the most out of a small footprint?
• Are you familiar with Building Green or Energy Star?